About us

In the ever-changing world of technology, companies who “break free from their legacy” are at an advantage. These innovative businesses use digital transformation as a force multiplier to let them pivot quickly and fail fast while expanding with need--all without slowing down or getting stuck in one place!

With its remote-friendly work force and a cutting edge technology portfolio, Cloudtexo is a true game changer in today's market.

The company was founded with the mission of becoming an innovative distributor, serving global customers across all industries who are looking to capture new markets across their existing and new customer base.

This includes everything from improving business process management through to security, and data protection & retrieval as well customer relationship building through powerful automation.

Cloudtexo offers Go-To-Market strategies tailored just right, no matter what type of service provider you are.

By partnering together with us, we'll show you how to capture "Blue Oceans of Uncontested Market Space" and grow your business significantly!

Welcome to the world of Cloudtexo.

Blue Ocean

The blue ocean strategy is a revolutionary approach to business that has been used for a long time. It's the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost in order to create new demand, it also involves capturing uncontested market space by making the competition irrelevant!

Your company is likely facing increased competition. Devising a blue ocean strategy lets you concentrate on new problems you can solve in more innovative ways.

This helps make your competition irrelevant and allows you to break free of the pressures involved with trying to capture a larger share of a shrinking market.

By successfully implementing your strategy, and knowing how to create and execute these strategies, helps your company be more resilient over time.

Let us educate you how we can help you capture vast amounts of "Blue Ocean".


Do you want to be even more successful?

We've done all the hard work for you. We thoroughly tested both the technical and commercial viability of our vendors. We put them through their paces with an extensive exercise before we bring them to you.

Our portfolio is exclusive and with an end-to-end offering unifying software & hardware, we are best placed to help you build a strategy for long-term sustainable growth.

The Real Value of Mobile Working

Flexibility and efficiency are the cornerstones of any successful enterprise. The potential benefits that can be realized through mobile software and devices are many, but businesses need to ensure they have strong security in place first before tapping into this wealth-generating opportunity for their business! Our experience in mobile since 2011 empowers us to deliver you scaleable and secure projects at large scale.

Digital Networking is Today's Future

With traditional networks, businesses face significant obstacles to cloud adoption. These include complicated software management and limiting use cases because they can't easily move their applications, but now there's a solution! SD-WAN offers the same network automation features that made VPNs so popular in an environment where everything has been centralized into one package

Data is the New Oil That Needs Drilling

In a few short years, the Internet of Things has grown from an unlikely curiosity to become one of today’s most compelling visions. It's not just about connecting things anymore - it also enables individuals and organizations alike to have access to data insights that were previously unheard-of in business or personal settings. IoT is changing lives all over, with its never before possible levels of intelligence.

Ai Workloads Right at the Edge

As the internet spans far and wide, Edge AI is leading the charge in bringing artificial intelligence to places never before thought possible. From automated machines in factories to intelligent traffic lights on city streets, its applications are reshaping our physical world by utilizing local computing power near where data is generated — as opposed to central cloud-based facilities or private data centers.

Ai on Black Background

The Hardware is Critical for Success

The constantly-changing nature of technology means that manufacturers must find new ways to improve hardware and its performance without having any impact on battery life or size - which has implications not just when developing software but also throughout its entire delivery cycle from testing all the way up through deployment at an enterprise level. Engineers must keep up in order to produce reliable products to meet customer demand.