Your Premium Quality Internet-of-Things (IoT) and M2M Hardware

Our deep expertise in manufacturing empowers us to build you long-lasting low cost, IoT hardware. We specialise in hardware units that cover multiple industries rather than focused on a few sectors.

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Discover Your Premium Quality IoT & M2M Hardware Built Directly For Your IoT App & M2M Service

"You can grow your business with our help"  We provide you a simple and scalable technology and hardware portfolio that is built to deliver as-a service. Wrap around your own range of services to provide premium customer value. We'll support you every step of the way!

Small Motherboards

Lower Cost Than Off-The-Shelf Products

Our IoT devices are built to order and you can have any specification you want to ensure you have the best device for your actual use case.

Only Premium Components Inside

We only use premium quality parts to ensure that our final product is always top quality and delivers the utmost value to you every time.

Build Specifically For Your Exact Use Case

No longer do you have to purchase costly IoT devices for simple use cases. We build exactly the specification required for your exact need.

Integrated Software at Factory

When you build your own IoT device using our service, you'll make a significant cost saving while always gaining a premium quality product.


Our Defined Strategy Will Give You a Scalable Product

Factory & Machinery

There are a lot of factors that go into making the perfect IoT product. From understanding your needs, technological specifications to product certifications, we make sure you have everything you need before anything else is even considered.

We've got all bases covered from R&D, design and software development through to manufacturing, so there's nothing holding us back when it comes to quality assurance and customer satisfaction!


The Advantages of Manufacturing Custom IoT & M2M Hardware

Universal Hardware

Our IoT hardware is software free so we can integrate any app or real-time service/agent directly into the IoT device itself.

Protection Testing

Security is a major concern for IoT deployments, we always test that our hardware is fully secured before deployment.

Embedded Safety

Our IoT devices are heavily safety tested with embedded hardware and so they can be deployed in the most critical places.

Built to Last

We do not ever compromise on the quality of the hardware itself as these units are meant to last a lifetime.

Product Standards

You cannot deploy hardware especially into critical infrastructure without product standards, CE/FCC/RoHS.

Embedded Security

Our chipsets used in the devices have in-built security that work with the software layer for the ultimate protected production unit.

Electronic Standards

Materials & accessories are all specified by a team of experts who have experience in evaluating their performance.

Safety Design

The units we build are based on safety design first and foremost. These process designs are critical for a successful product.


Commercial Advantages of Your Premium Quality IoT & M2M Hardware

Application Independent

Our hardware is fully independent and does not require a specific app or operating system for it too work, you win every time.

Low Cost at Scale

With our factories running multi-production lines, we can not only deliver units at scale, we also deliver at prices that are superbly priced.

Secure Hardware

With your combined app, we'll always work with you to help you understand how our hardware gives you security credibility.

Multiple Markets

With IoT and certain sectors being receptive to products, our agnostic hardware lets you modify units for different markets.


Our hardware is built to allow you to label it as your own brand. We encourage you to do this so you can build out your brand for market leadership.

Sensor & Hardware Mgmt

We have experience in a unified solution and how it will work with a software layer. We can provide a software solution if required.

Expertise & Support

Our product experts are well versed when it comes to supporting our customers, who may require our help with their product commercially and technically.

Fast Turnaround

We hold most components for our IoT units in stock so we can build your products very quickly and have them shipped to you fast.

It's Easy To Get Started

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Our Software Experience Coupled with our High-Scale Manufacturing Always Delivers a Secure Long-Lasting Product.