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Friendly experts and modern technology make the multi-award-winning Bigger Brains courses the first choice of learners & training professionals around the world.


Do You Want To Increase Your Employees Productivity?

We specialise in providing you with eLearning courses. The courses can be used within Microsoft Teams or any SCORM compliant LMS with a compatibility guarantee.

Training Your Staff is Crucial for Your Success

In a world where employees are increasingly expected to perform at higher levels, it is no wonder that many companies invest in training programs for new hires. BiggerBrains gives you courses that deliver user value.

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Microsoft365 is the standard app suite used within business for productivity and collaboration.

Google Workspaces

Google Workspace is the leader in web business apps and provides a scalable platform that just works.


Salesforce is the world's number 1 Cloud CRM and is widely used by all type of businesses for collaboration.


Your Ultimate SaaS Microsoft eLearning Library

Access via MS Teams

BiggerBrains courses can be directly accessed via Microsoft Teams eliminating the need to purchase an LMS.

100s of Courses

With over 100 courses in the library, and by adding on average 5 courses a month, your learners do not need to stop learning.

Video Learning

All of the courses are video based and take on a pupil and teacher template providing the most popular way of learning.


With subscription pricing affordable for everyone, you can get the entire library for a low cost or build your own library.

Unlimited Bundle

The entire library is available to subscribe too. An active subscription will also give you every new course released monthly.


The courses come in a number of languages and will help learners to learn in their native language if required.

Near-Zero Admin

The courses are SCORM compliant and literally require maintenance. All subscriptions are managed from your own portal.

LMS Compatible

With the library SCORM compliant, you'll literally be able to port the courses into your LMS whichever one you use or plan too.

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