Wireless Biometric Identity Check With Any Smartphone


Mobile Biometrics Has Now Evolved

The GripID patented solution unlocks the potential of professional biometric and facial recognition technologies, bestowing unprecedented security on your data, on any mobile smartphone or tablet!

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Biometric Checks
For Multi-Use Cases

Digital Transformation powered by Biometrics are revolutionizing industries, granting unparalleled speed and security to identity processes while streamlining the user experience.

FAP60 GripID

Empower Frontline Workers Processes

Developed to tackle the wide range of biometric enrollment needs and identity checks, this powerful design incorporates an advanced FAP60 fingerprint sensor - perfect for frontline workers everywhere.

GripID FAP60 Device

Fast & Secure Identity Verification

Frontline workers across multiple industries can deliver identity verification quickly and easily for both themselves and the person being verified.

FAP20 & FAP30

Fingerprint Identity Checks with ID Card

With its small and attractive design, the FAP20 and FAP30 fingerprint sensor is perfect for use in police identity control or Know Your Customer (KYC) applications like banking and telecom.

GripID Fap20 & FAP30 Device

Digital ID Shaping The Future

This trend towards their widespread usage demonstrates how electronic identities can revolutionize our lives for the better.


Citizen ID/eID for Instant Vertification

The modern age is squarely focused on eGovernment and eCommerce, with electronic identities leading the charge as a pillar of global digital transformation.

GripID Identity Check

Any Mobile Device

Unlock faster, more accurate identity verification for your Frontline workers with the help of a trusted corporate smartphone/tablet brand and GripID. We help you simplify and streamline your workflow to get instant results!


Passwordless Patented Pairing

GripID’s game-changing technology eliminates the hassle and security risks of passwords. Streamline device pairing in an instant with QR codes, then enjoy total control over devices for visibility and protection.

Smartphone Pairing

Integrate Biometric Apps

Access the full power of secure mobile biometric authentication with your app and GripID. Experience an unbeatable end-to-end solution for unparalleled security.


Easy App SDK & Device Integration

The SDK gives integrators the full power to create custom applications for any front-end device and operating system, empowered by seamless access to cutting-edge interfaces embedded in GripID.

SDK Integration

Made with Android™

Make the most of what your business has to offer with Android: a powerful platform that offers an array of different devices and custom apps.


Secure & Optimised Android™ Device

GripID offers superior device security through Android™, facilitating robust connectivity between Cellular, Bluetooth and WiFi networks - all while optimizing battery life for reliable everyday use.

Google Android with Shield

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