Protect Your Apps & APIs from Being Compromised

AppKnox is an outstanding leader in application & API security. They provide the market leading product that discovers and remediates your mobile business apps & API's before they are compromised.

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Stop Worrying About Your Mobile Application & API Security

The AppKnox platform helps you identify vulnerabilities in your app before they become an issue for your consumers. You can use it to test any mobile app on the market today - even if it's not yours!

How Does Your Mobile Business App Behave In The Real World?

AppKnox is an easy way for developers to test their mobile apps before they release it on the market or to corporate users so that they can identify any potential security threats before it's too late.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Get ahead of the game and secure your app! Automate vulnerability assessments before hackers find any potential exploits.

API Security Testing

Use automation and test web servers, database and its implementation for all components which interact with your app.

Manual Penetration Testing

Sometimes manual testing is required to detect threats using the human mind and expertise that cannot be replaced by Ai.


Your Premium Mobile App & API Security Solution

Cost Effective

Using developers who are not security experts to manually test apps will cost you in the long run. AppKnox has you covered.

Dynamic & Static Tests

Both tests can uncover vulnerabilities that must be prevented from being exploited to the detriment of your business.

Multiple Reports

Detailed and in-depth reporting is provided after each scan outlining every found to provide business leaders with critical info.

Cloud & On-Premises

While the Cloud service is the most popular SaaS service, the On-Premises version is avaiable for high security customers.

Cost Effective

App & API security testing has always been very expensive. AppKnox deliver the highest security at the lowest cost.

Team Member Workflow

You can work with a team in unison to deliver your security testing. This ensures that your entire team has full visibility.

Ensure Compliance

Delivering an insecure app could make and break your business. Ensure you are compliant with every app version in the field.

API Testing

Our fully automated scanners will test for vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on how best fix them!


Other Features & Benefits

Static App Security Testing
mDevSecOps at the Edge
Replicate Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
Capture API Endpoint Vulnerabilities
Dynamic App Security Testing
Deep Code Level Checks for Flaws
Compliance & Regulation Reports
Remediation Calls for Security Validity
Automated API Security Testing
Fast 60min Scans
Full Reporting for C-Level Leaders
Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

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