Protect Your Mobile Devices
Against Multiple Threats

Samoby delivers the world leading plug'n'play mobile threat defence solution that empower IT admins to protect every user from being compromised by bad actors and malicious groups and provide instant data analytics.

Mobile Device with Shield

Protecting Your Mobile Users from Attacks and Being Compromised

IT admins have instant access to all the mobile data functions they need with a single console. You can manage security across your mobile endpoints, apps & data flow regardless of the device hardware, OS and UEM platform.

Silent Security & Privacy For Every Mobile Endpoint

Samoby's mobile security protects your device from threats in real time. No need to sacrifice performance or connectivity with its enterprise technology, as it combines both on the device itself and in a cloud-based service for optimal protection.

Mobile in Hand with Security Icon

Mobile Threat Defence

Gain visibility into your endpoints with silent guarantees of security, and with seamless integration with UEM & EMM.

Mobile Phishing

Provide a comprehensive defense against phishing attacks on mail, sms or text messages apps and messaging platforms.

Mobile Data Policy

Set rules to prevent employees from accessing the wrong apps & sites so they don't get into trouble or break any laws!


Your Ultimate Mobile Privacy
& Data Policy Solution

Avoid Multiple Threats

You can mitigate device, app and network based threats from a single console with powerful automation & insights.

Integrated with UEM

The integration of mobile security & UEM solutions has helped companies provide comprehensive vision, data & control.

Reporting & Analytics

You'll gain analytics into real-time mobile usage and enabling meaningful changes in policies based on identifiable trends.

SIEM Integration

Integrate the platform into your own preferred SIEM solution allowing you to centralise your security events for fast diagnosis.


Just one breach could cost your business however with our protection, you ROI is pretty instant and you'll be protected 24/7.

On-Device Firewall

With the combination of a Cloud service and the On-Device Firewall, threats are prevented from being exploited in real-time.

Data Governance

Compliance and regulation is now a major concern for every organisation and we've got you covered with simple mobile protection.

Data Usage Control

There are no complicated mechanisms to control data. Prevent over-usage of mobile data in literally a few clicks in the console.


Other Features & Benefits

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Policy-Based Controls
Self-Service Notifications
Automated Group Data Limits
API Integration for Third Party Apps
Connectivity Analytics
Monitoring and Alerting Engine
Geo-App Blocking Service
Reporting & Analytics
Forensic Data Search
Insider Threat Detection
Data Control Policy Engine

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