The Fully-Automated Cloud-to-Cloud Data Backup & Recovery

CloudAlly provides a light-weight and powerful solution for the granular data backup & complete recovery of the world leading SaaS apps including Microsoft365, Google Workspaces, SalesForce, Dropbox, and Box

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Protect & Recover Your SaaS Application Data 24/7/365

CloudAlly has been providing data protection since 2011, and we’ve seen it all. We know what you need to protect your company from disaster whether that be a natural disaster or human error.

Data backup is a critical part of every business.

CloudAlly is a SaaS backup company that provides unlimited retention for all of your cloud app data.. We provide peace of mind by securing against the loss of data by being able to recover from any point in time..

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Protect & Recover Data

Today's SaaS services always make you responsible for your data. Being able to recover critical data anytime is key.

Business Data Insurance

Instant restoration of any user data gives your business peace of mind if disaster creates downtime.

Compliance & Regulation

With GDPR and other compliance laws, the unlimited retention of data is crucial to the operation of your business.


Your Premium Cloud-to-SaaS Backup & Recovery Solution

SaaS App Protection

Delivering automated data protection for all your critical apps seamlessly at the tenant layer is critical for easy data protection.

Data Recovery

With the ability to take a point in time backup and recover data at any level delivers confidence incase of deletion or failure.

Unlimited Storage

Ne need to worry that you'll run out of storage for and prevents bill shock and gives you peace of mind that all data is backup.


Archiving all your data for the ability to recover and/or compliance is without restrictions on amount and locations.

Unbeatable Pricing

No need to worry about costs as the platform is so cost effective, you'll be able to budget it for years as part of business cost.

Business Continuity

The ability to recover data simply from any point of time provides lesser after- effects of any type of disaster-level event,

Data Governance

Digitization of your business requires that you have the appropriate tools and solutions to ensure compliance for user data.

Licensed Per User

There are no complicated license plans and you can instantly forecast and determine your costs today and for the future.


Other Features & Benefits

Backup Microsoft365
Backup DropBox
Multi-Tenant Service Provider Portal
Instant Anytime/Anywhere Recovery
Backup SalesForce
Backup Box
AES 256 Encryption of Backups
GDPR and HIPPA Compliant
Backup Google Workspaces
Backup SharePoint
API for Billing System Integration
Instant Data Export of All Data

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